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We’re Jenn Sinrich (right) and Lindsay Tigar (left), the co-founders of Mila & Jo Media, the creator of Miscarriage

After a healthy pregnancy in 2019, Jenn was thrilled when she got pregnant again almost two years later. Sadly, that pregnancy ended after 8 short weeks when the embryo was measuring two weeks behind and there was a giant subchorionic hemorrhage webbed in between it. 

After 10+ years of writing about pregnancy, miscarriage was something she knew could happen—but was not something she expected. So many unknowns unfolded for her in real time while she suffered her loss—something she hoped she’d never have to go through again.

Almost a year went by until she saw another positive pregnancy test. Scared but optimistic, she prayed as she entered the ultrasound room at week 8 only to be told, once again, that there was no heartbeat.Why was this happening to me? Why did I feel like one in a million?” she asked herself over and over again.

Angry, shocked and heartbroken, she went online for support. After hours of digging through stale, 411-style articles, she found a hotline and dialed in only to hear a high school student on the line responding to her tearful story with a lulled “and how did that make you feel?” She hung up and slowly her anger, grief and pain turned into inspiration. Her passion project, Miscarriage Movement, was born. 

Soon, we’ll be offering one-on-one coaching with Jenn, now a bereavement doula, support group sessions as well as online digital courses. 

As a company, Mila & Jo Media offers content, strategy, coaching and consulting services for mother-first brands and companies. 

Most importantly though: we’re also moms in the trenches of parenting who’ve experienced grief and loss, so when we say we get it—we mean it

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